Early Intervention ABA Therapy

FAC's EI program is designed for children ages 6 years or younger. The goal of this program is to provide an intensive therapy program for young children to obtain the skills necessary to enter mainstream kindergarten while providing a fun, individualized learning environment that encourages language, social skills, and other early learner skills.

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Parent Training

This program is a part of all FAC programs to provide all around support. FAC recognizes that parents and caregivers are a critical part of the team. The goal of this program is to increase confidence in addressing treatment goals at home.

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One-on-One ABA Therapy

One-on-One ABA therapy is geared for children of all ages and is utilized throughout all of our programs. It addresses a variety of skills that are tailored to the individual needs of each child, such as social skills, language development, community integration techniques, reducing challenging behaviors, and forging daily living skills.

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Specialty Programs

FAC has a series of specialty programs that provide services in the areas of verbal behavior and communications, food acceptance, and toilet training. These boutique programs are customized to each child and family's individual needs.

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From The Experts

"Applied Behavior Analysis is not just a therapy, it's a way of life." -Dr. Timothy Vollmer UF & FAC Affiliate